Industry expertise

Companies are confronted to problems specific to their industry. Square Strategy provides its clients with its “savoir-faire” of international markets and its advanced sectors expertise to support them. Square Strategy’s core expertise is based on the understanding of these issues and its special approach enables its consultants to implement tailored solutions to the specific expectations of its clients.

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Aeronautics and Defence

A French operator in the aeronautic industry had to set up, as part of its regulatory obligations, an overall Operator Security Plan as well as some Site Protection Plan for its various key strategic facilities.
In close cooperation with its client’s security department, Square Strategy carried out the necessary audits and meetings and drafted the expected formal documents, in full compliance with regulatory requirements.
In addition, Square Strategy advised and supported the client in its security improvement policy.


In the framework of its overall policy of securing supplies, a Gulf based agribusiness company had the strategic objective to acquire arable land in East Africa.
Square Strategy first identified suitable areas before of collecting all relevant information on the proposed acquisition targets. It then engaged contact with the local authorities and analyzed the various regulations in order to secure the investment.


In order to expand its activities in an emerging market, a company operating in the automotive sector tasked Square Strategy to carry out a competitive benchmark.
The results of the study allowed the client to fine-tune its strategy and marketing positionning before of entering the market.

Banking and Insurance

A French bank wanted to hire high-potential young talents in the various areas where it operates: Europe, India, Egypt and the United States.
Square Strategy benchmarked the main competitors in each of these regions by analyzing their employer branding strategies on social networks. For each region, our consultants recommended the best practices to take advantage of the opportunities offered by social networks.

Construction and Infrastructure

An international construction company is developing its activities in West Africa. It called upon Square Strategy to improve its success rate on calls for tenders and to optimize its local communication policy.
The realization and analysis of power mappings of public and private actors, precise strategic recommendations, as well as the establishment of contacts with duly vetted local partners, have enabled the client to significantly improve its performance.

Distribution - Retail

Carrying out a strategic due diligence in an Asian country for a French player has enabled it to secure the acquisition of a supply chain with a better assessment of the target’s value and a deeper understanding of its strategic ambitions, of the environment and of the risks.


Square Strategy supported the development, in a Gulf country, of a company working in the education sector. Square Strategy contributed to the improvement of its investment strategy, analyzing the best market opportunities, mapping key decision-makers and anticipating calls for tenders.

Energy and Environment

An incumbent player in the energy sector has faced a gradual opening of its markets to the competition.
Square Strategy supported its client through all stages of the process, advising him on the new strategies to be implemented both for key accounts and for professional and individual clients.

Mining and Metals

A major player in the mining sector willing to set up and develop its business in a West African country asked Square Strategy to carry out an in-depth monitoring of political, economic, sectoral and social news, as well as a power mapping of public and private players.
The analysis provided, as well as operational recommendations, enabled the client to get a more detailed understanding of the context of this country and to implement an effective strategy and a relevant communication policy.


Square Strategy conducted a study for a major player in the health sector to assess the opportunity to enter an African country.
The research focused specifically on the study of regulations, competitors’ practices and the supply chain.

Communal - Provincial Services

A major company providing services to local authorities wanted to enhance security on its industrial sites in a North African country.
Square Strategy recommended the systems, procedures and policies to be implemented after carrying out a risks and vulnerability audit.
Square Strategy then selected a security company, recommended the physical and technical means to be set up and drafted the security procedures.


A telecommunications operator willing to expand its activities in West Africa contacted Square Strategy to identify and select acquisition targets.
The due diligence carried out on the finally chosen acquisition target allowed to identify some hidden vulnerabilities and to negotiate a reduction in the acquisition cost.

Transport and Logistics

A railway company intended to develop its activities in the Gulf countries.
Square Strategy carried out an in-depth study of opportunities in each of the different countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council, monitored the calls for tenders and made strategic recommendations.
A power -mapping was established in order to better understand the decision-making circuits in these countries and to fine-tune our client’s bids.


One of Square Strategy’s clients wanted to acquire interests in a hotel in East Africa.
Square Strategy was asked to conduct a reputation due diligence on this company and its sole shareholder
The research conducted reassured our client that there was no reputational risk in entering into this agreement.


A cosmetics manufacturer has identified, in North Africa, several people distributing its products.
Square Strategy was asked to identify the supply chain.
The investigations finally made it possible to trace the supply chain, but above all to confirm that the sold products were not counterfeit.